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Antique Garden Light Pole
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Specification of Antique Garden Light Pole


Multifarious production: antique pole, decorative antique lampposts, decorative garden pole, PJU decorative, antique PJU pole, antique street pole, general street lighting, cctv camera, sollar cell lamp pole, lightning rod, monopole pole, high pole Mast, round / octagonal pipe with single / double parabole model, T model, tube pipe / press bottle, public street lighting pole, PJU Ornament Ornament Pole 2meter Ornament Pole 3 Stang Galvanized ornament, PJU PJU Lamp Street Light, PJU Street Lamps etc.


PT AGUNG BERSAMA INDONESIA also serves Casting Metal Casting (Coal Metal allumunium)

/ Metal casting. (Alluminium Casting Specialist) etc., to complement the needs of regional consumers INDONESIA.


We recognize that Customer Trust is a very important core asset in our business. All of that we will follow with

Improving the quality of our products and services continuously.


With the presence of this website AGUNG BERSAMA INDONESIA, we hope to become a bridge liaison for prospective customers and customers

We are with PT AGUNG BERSAMA INDONESIA so that the creation of a mutually beneficial cooperation and the creation of Satisfaction for

Our customers.

Office & Workshop:

Jln. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 58B RT. 001 RW. 01 Lightish Shell

Cipondoh Tangerang Banten 15147

Tel. 021-55703219 / 021-55703186


Suparmin : 0812-8131-1899 / 0878-7189-7879

Anita : 0812-8917-7394

Lisda : 083-8724-36174 / 0813-8088-9050

Maya : 0812-9916-8048

Budi : 0838-0436-6155 / 0857-1971-3900

Dini : 0812-9073-4391 / 0877-3500-1611

A TRUE GREAT CV INDONESIA also serves the casting metal Casting (Coor allumunium Metals, brass, copper, steel, bronz, stainlees, cast iron, FCD40-60)/metal casting. (The specialist Casting Alluminium) etc, to complete the regional needs of consumers in INDONESIA.

We realize that customer trust is the main capital is very important in our business. All these things will we follow with increasing product quality andthe service that we provide continuously.


With the presence of a TRUE GREAT CV website INDONESIA, we hope it can become a bridge connecting to our prospects and customers with a TRUE GREAT CV INDONESIA so as to create a mutually beneficial cooperation, and the creation of Satisfaction for our customers.

Office & Workshop:

Jln. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 58B RT. 001 RW. 01 a longish Lightning

Cipondoh Tange


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